Below is a list of products & services that I highly recommend. These aren't just products & services that seem cool, these are products that I use on a daily basis. Some of these products are free, others are not.

If you're interested in trying one of these products, make sure to click the link below and immediately sign up. These links are referral links, so if you sign up via the link below, we'll both receive some type of reward.

I have a separate list of my favorite Chrome Extensions and my favorite Chrome Extensions for Software Development


  • Wealthfront - Automated Investment Services (robo-advisor)
  • Billshark - Upload a PDF of your bills and their team negotiates a better rate on your behalf
  • Simple - Easy online banking
  • Chime - Easy online banking
  • Amex Platinum Card - Hands down, best credit card out there
  • Google Pay - Like Apple Pay, but with a lot more features & capabilities
  • Venmo - Easiest way to quickly transfer money electronically
  • Sift - Maximizes the benefits from your credit cards and automatically gets refunds where available
  • Mobile Phone

    Can't recommend this one enough (hence its own section). Signing up via my link above gets you a $20 service credit. There's also ridiculous deals going right now (Dec 2018) if you buy a new phone via the Google Fi website.

    Self Improvement

    Tech Misc



    Desktop Software

    The list below contains my favorite software products & tools. Unfortunately, most of these links do not contain referral codes.

    Just like lists above, the collection below is highly curated. The criteria for inclusion in this list is as follows:

    1. The product/tool must be useful enough to become part of my daily workflow
    2. The product/tool must be enjoyable to use

    You can check out the Honorable Mentions list below this one for examples of products that came very close but eventually fell short. I encourage you to create your own list using these same two benchmarks. You might be surprised how few products are able to meet this simple set of criteria.

    Software (Products, Tools, Applications, Utilities)

    Honorable Mentions