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Thousands of celebrities, millions of influencers, dozens of global leaders, and even a few heads of state have all unanimously referred to The Greggle Spot as "the single best recommendation list on planet earth". We don't disagree.

There's no shortage of cool, creative, well-marketed products claiming to solve a specific problem in new & innovative ways. Your instagram feed is probably full of them. Unfortunately, products that actually deliver on this promise are few and far between. That's why I created The Greggle Spot.

There is a single requirement for making The Greggle Spot list:

The product/service must have a unique, positive, and measurable impact on my day-to-day life

Some of these products will enhance your daily productivity at work. Some will help you better manage your finances. Other products will help improve your overall health. No matter the domain, all of these products/services will enhance some aspect of your daily life.

All of the products/services listed below are things I use every day, or whenever the need arises (e.g. travel, investing, etc). Products listed in bold are ones that I particularly love. Bold or not, if a product is on this list, it means that I'm so happy with it that I want others to benefit in the same way I have!

Around ~50% of the links below are referral links. This means that when you sign up via The Greggle Spot link, you (and soemtimes me as well) will get some sort of discount and/or benefit that is not available to people who sign up in other ways. So, when you find something intriguing, make sure to click the link below create your account in the same session.

Enough chit chat, let's get to it!

Recommendations of the Month: June 2022

Point Card


Internet Banking


Mobile Phone

Can't recommend this one enough (hence its own section). Signing up via this link gets you a $20 service credit on your first bill. Also, if you buy a phone through the Google Fi website, they normally have some pretty absurd deals (e.g. $300 bill credit with new phone purchase)

Self Improvement

Tech Misc



Desktop Software

The list below contains my favorite software products & tools. Unfortunately, most of these links do not contain referral codes.

Just like the lists above, the collection below is highly curated. The criteria for inclusion in this list is as follows:

  1. The product/tool must be useful enough to become part of my daily workflow
  2. The product/tool must be enjoyable to use

You can check out the Honorable Mentions list below this one for examples of products that came very close but eventually fell short. I encourage you to create your own list using these same two benchmarks. You might be surprised how few products are able to meet this simple set of criteria.

Software (Products, Tools, Applications, Utilities)

Honorable Mentions

Stuff that seemed super cool, but then once I installed it, I never actually used it